Super Ten’s Singapore Sweetheart Sasha


I have earlier written a post about our Super Ten’s friendship. {} Now our children have grown and three from our group have their daughters married and two their sons. Yesterday early morning the first to get married among our Super Ten’s children delivered a girl baby to the joy of all of us!

Theirs was a love marriage and this baby is the fulfillment of their cherished dream of five years of marital bliss. They got married in Feb of 2009. Being a love marriage they had their fair share of initial disapproval from their families which they overcame through their love and patience! Their life in Singapore is made more beautiful now by the arrival of their little angel Sasha. Sasha means defender of the human race! Such an apt name for a girl in this day and age 🙂


A few months ago our friend celebrated her daughter’s bridal shower in Chennai with much happiness. Her daughter’s due date was Nov 15th and so my friend had planned to leave on the 18th of this month. But Sasha had made other plans. My friend’s daughter went into early labour on the 15th morning. My friend could get a seat in the Singapore airlines flight which left Chennai only at 11.30pm on the 15th.

We always considered all our friends children as our own. So we were going through the same pressure and tension that our friend was going through for not being there with her daughter to help her. Initially things were going fine and looked like her daughter will have a normal delivery but suddenly a few complications arose and so the baby was delivered by C section. Sasha was born on the 16th morning at 3.47am under the punarpoosam star even before our friend arrived in Singapore. Both mom and baby are fine.

It was always great great fun to participate in each child’s wedding, this time though we went through the worries of motherhood when a daughter goes through her labour. Whenever a daughter in law or a son in law joins our clan we always scare them by saying you have not one mother in law but ten 🙂 But let me make it clear that in this case our friend alone has become the grandmother and none of the other of Super Ten group! 🙂

The baby looks like a newborn rose flower! We pray and wish Sasha to have a long and healthy life spreading joy to her family and beyond.

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